Fix My Energy Bill

Fix My Energy Bill Coalition

Carlette Lewis


Community Leader

Jim Madaffer


Former City Councilman, City of San Diego

Lori Holt Pfeiler


Former Mayor, City of Escondido

Jerry Sanders


Former Mayor, City of San Diego


Warm summer weather presents a difficult choice for many San Diegans – stay cool with air conditioning and pay more than you should, or save money and do without. Low-income families and seniors on fixed incomes are in a particularly difficult situation. Real rate reform will help balance out costs more fairly and avoid these difficult types of decisions.

Jim Madaffer Co-Chair Former San Diego City Councilman

California’s energy rate model is broken, and that has caused many San Diego families to pay millions more for electricity each year than they should. If not fixed, this problem will continue to get worse and local families will continue to suffer unnecessarily high energy bills.

Jerry Sanders Co-Chair Former San Diego Mayor,
San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce President and CEO

Our family has really struggled with the rising cost of electricity. I understand that the more I use, the more I should pay, but our bills are really out of control and we need action to be taken now to fix this broken system.

Carlette Lewis Co-Chair Community Leader

California is in desperate need of a more equitable rate structure that fairly applies energy costs to all customers. San Diego families, especially those in warm inland communities, need the CPUC to act as soon as possible to deliver real rate relief.

Lori Holt Pfeiler Co-Chair Former Escondido Mayor,
San Diego Habitat for Humanity Executive Director

Our proposal would reform the current electricity rate structure and create a simpler and appropriate pricing system that fairly reflects the energy demand differences between inland and coastal customers, while also encouraging efficient energy choices.

Caroline Winn San Diego Gas & Electric